We Get Paid When You Get Quality Leads.
Pay-Per-Lead Customer Marketing
Top Rated Marketing is a different kind of digital marketing agency. 
We offer a pay-per-lead system – we only get paid for the leads that we deliver to you daily.
Our Mission is simple – We thrive based on our performance and your success
We Reach Your Best Prospect Every Day!
We generate leads for your business and are compensated on a per-lead basis. 
Forget expensive agencies that try to deceive you with confusing 'advertising' jargon who then expect a long term retainer contract and then eventually sadly under perform.

We sell leads your sales team will love, that also provide you with an instant and measurable ROI. All you have to do is chose the weekly lead quantity and press the order button.
Do you have the time or desire to become an online lead generation expert? We're here to help!
I've heard from many business owners and sales managers that they can manage their own internet marketing and lead generation... To that response, I ask, "How do you respond to people who say they can do what you do themsleves?" 

At Top Rated Marketing we provide you with the number of daily leads you require so your sales team can focus on doing what they do best – Close Sales!

Our program allows your sales team to focus on sales conversations. 

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It All Starts With a Phone Conversation!
Step 1: Start a Conversation
(takes about 1 minute)
Click on the Get Started button to begin the process. You then complete the short form to begin the conversion process. We limit our work to one company per industry and location.
Step 2: Free Needs Analysis & Marketing Consultation
Next, during the phone consultation we'll talk about your needs and how our services can help your sales team thrive by providing them with the the right amount of quality leads on a daily basis.
Step 3: We Build Your Custom 
Lead Generation System 
Within 7-10 business days of reaching an agreement, your lead generation program will be live and we will be sending leads to your sales team every day.
Free No Obligation Consultation
Frequently Asked Questions
How much do the leads cost?
Lead costs and commitments are discussed during the strategy session.  The costs are both reasonable and have a positive return on investment (ROI). You will require a weekly lead goal and budget.  

Leads cost vary per industry and may vary between $25 and $100 per lead.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
Nope! We truly believe in earning your business each and every month, so there’s no contract to sign. There are no up-front or set up costs or any other type of hidden fees.
How many leads can I expect?
Results vary greatly by industry and location. We work with some clients who get 1 or 2 leads per day and others who receive dozens of new Leads daily.
What is considered a lead?
We define a Lead as a prospective customer/client who initiates actions that specifically express their desire to do business with your company.

How we define a Lead varies by industry. And, when we work with new clients we will collectively define what actions constitute a Lead. Leads must supply all of the contact information (name, phone, email, etc.) that our clients require
Do You Offer Exclusivity?
As a rule yes and this will be discussed during the phone consultation.
Wait... I still have questions!
For more enquiries email daniel@topratedmarketing,com
Free No Obligation Consultation